Path Progress

Everything seemed to have survived the freezing temps the last couple nights, thank goodness. I had lots of buckets, pots and plastic sheeting over everything. Hopefully that was the last one.

Making good headway on the front garden bed. John is doing a great job with the path! I love how it is turning out.


I’ve even started putting plants in, even though the back right corner (under the bench) still needs work.

The bench will sit on the patch of slate:


Once this is done, the next is tackling the water feature in back.

I have my tippy pots up and going:


I should probably clean up the surrounding area before I take a picture, but oh well.  The pots have  purple alyssum and white Calibrachoa (aka million bells). That should look nice when it gets filled in.

More tulips have bloomed. These are Antoinette bunch tulips:


For some reason, I thought they were going to be pink, but when I looked up my order online, they were yellow. I had mixed them with the yellow Monte Carlo, which was not the look I intended to have with yellow and yellow.

These are some tulips that are out back. It was from a mixed bag, so I don’t know what these are.




That picture looks sideways, but the tulip was drooped over like that.

More of the Queen of the Night and Catherine tulips.


They look really nice. It’s probably my favorite combo to do.

The garden is officially open! My sign is out.


We have been getting so many birdies to the yard as well. I’m not sure if it is because the fence is gone or what, but it’s fun. Here is a Carolina Wren:


And a hairy woodpecker:


Some white crowned sparrows have come through on migration, so I hope to get some pictures of those.


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  1. Looking fantastic Lori! You are really making progress. I look forward to seeing it as it matures. Once again I have tulip envy…. I so wish our winter was cold enough for tulips.

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