Containers and new blooms

The front bed is filling in some with growth already, which is nice to see.


I really need to mulch for weeds and to keep the sandy soil dry, but I just haven’t gotten around to buying the mulch. I will have to go with bags as we don’t want a load of mulch dumped on the driveway since we need to seal it this year.   This weekend I will also be cutting down the rhododendron for a rejuvenation pruning. Eeek!

When I do my containers, I almost never buy special soil for them. Sometimes potting mix, but I often just reuse what was in it the year before. This year, there was a sale on the Miracle Grow potting soil and I have to say that it makes a difference (I know, right?)

This is one plant in this pot.


It’s doubled in size in a couple of weeks. I guess the lesson learned is to feed the plants more LOL!

The cleomes are starting to bloom now:


These are such pretty plants, but they really do stink. Musky and almost skunky. It’s worth it for the blooms, though.

We are just about set to start working on the water feature in the back. John ran the new electrical line off of our existing outdoor socket and he started doing some digging. We are getting the liner and pump and now need to form the soil and trial and error rock placement!

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