Some miscellany going on.  I have let the lupine go to seed in hopes of getting some to naturalize. Having never had lupines before, I had no idea what the seed pods look like.


They look like peas!  I wonder if I could actually try to grow some from seed as well. However, I haven’t had the best luck with seed starting.  I did have some luck with the sweet annie:


I have 5 of these plants and the foliage smells amazing!  It’s going to make a fabulous wreath this fall.

I also found out that I was cultivating a weed.  This plant was growing by the foxglove and the leaves looked very similar. Then the blooms appeared and I realized it was not anything I wanted LOL


There are a lot of cosmos that self-seeded themselves.  I guess seeds do a better job on their own than I do with them.


Another self-seeding plant is my Jacob’s ladder. At least I think the seedlings are from that. They are similar to the ash tree seedlings (which they grow under), so I hope that I’m not cultivated baby ash trees 😀

This is the parent plant in bloom.


Progress is being made on our water feature as well. It’s kind of hard to envision how it’s going to look when it’s done. More work is on the docket for tomorrow on that.

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