Water Feature Progress Part 2

Here is some more progress on the water feature. After getting the bed cleared of plant material, we began to shape the way the water would flow. I can’t get the rise to show in pictures, but this is sloped downwards towards that hole. We used paint to outline the water course and then proceeded to dig it out.  The area on the right (by the bucket) is going to have plantings there. Stone to the left.


We had to spend time picking out sharp stuff. We have a slate roof and little pieces of slate work their way into the soil. We don’t want anything to cut into the liner!  For extra protection, we are putting down a liner for the liner. Basically landscape fabric, then the liner.


We test fit the liner to make sure it covers enough of the bed and that our hose is long enough. The liner has to attach to the waterfall box up at the top and cover the reservoir below. I think this is a 15 feet liner?

After digging out the hole, we realized we would need it to be bigger. The idea with the pondless is that there has to be sort of a box that goes in the reservoir to support the rocks, but leaves room for the water and the pump.  This is what we are using.


It’s actually heavy duty shelving. On top of it, we are putting some hardware “fabric”, which is a metal mesh, basically. That’s it in the lower left corner. That will keep little stuff from getting through.

Now it is digging and shaping to hole to make sure this unit sits down far enough and is level.


If we were to go gungho on it, this probably could have been done in one weekend, but with biking and holiday picnic stuff, it has to get finished later.

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  1. Lori, we had a submerged pump for a fountain at one time. Be sure to leave an easy way to get to it when you have to replace the pump, We also ran a pipe with the electric cord in it for the power and put the water on the sprinkler system so it fills itself. Just some thoughts,

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