Water Feature Progress part 3

We had rain, so that delayed progress on the water feature. There was also an issue fitting the hose to the back of the spillway box. For some reason, the included part didn’t fit the standard hose it was supposed to. John ordered a little plastic part and got it connected and working.

This is the reservoir with the mesh screen over the support:


Those 2 middle rocks will probably be moved. They were there to hold the plastic frame down because it was floating. Small rocks will be over this, or I almost thought about a little low planter. That might be fun. We dug out a little area to be able to lift a rock and pull the pump out for the winter. It can probably stay, but I would feel better to remove it. We also at some point could convert this to an actual pond if we feel like it.

Now is the artistic part of placing stones – and the labor part! These stones are heavy. I can’t believe I dug them up out of the yard and hauled them over. The liner is long right now to allow for rock positioning and soil back fill before it gets trimmed.


There will be low plantings in the front here with a few stones partially buried. The back towards the house will have more rocks. The spillway box will be covered with rocks and possibly some large branches since it is near trees.

We turned it on to test the water flow:


It has changed already since this picture, but the flow is looking nice. We haven’t even filled in with any foam yet or any small rocks. The sound is very peaceful, too.

Lots more rock arranging to do!

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