Unexpected vegetables

Gardening is always full of surprises. Plants pop up in unexpected places. Earlier this spring I saw some plants coming up that I didn’t think I planted in the shade bed, but I decided to let them grow a bit. I think they have to be either zucchini or summer squash. I imagine they came from the compost pile by way of a squirrel. Now the vines are winding up my ash tree!


I thought this would be too shady for them to grow, but maybe there will be some production out of them. I’m not doing anything other than keeping the tendrils from moving into the shade bed to the right.

In the front, we did that whole bed renovation in the spring. Last fall, our carved pumpkins got a little mushy and John used a shovel to just plop them and a couple gourds behind the big bushes that used to be there.  Fast forward post bed renovation and there must have been some seeds that we tilled in there!


BTW, that was a far down as I could make myself go on chopping down that rhododendron. We’ll see how it looks next year.  I left this because it was green as the bed is sparse right now. Again, I figured this area was too shady to grow pumpkins.

Yesterday I saw these:


We may get some pumpkins after all! How fun!

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