Water feature complete!

We have pretty much finished the water feature. There will probably be some fiddling with the rocks as we settle in with it, but we are very pleased with the finished project.

As a reminder, here was the site we started with:


All of this courtesy of the previous owners.

We got the bed cleared out and designed the path:


Got the liner in place:


Then we spent a lot of time futzing around with that, lifting it up and digging and moving dirt around.  We needed to make sure the reservoir hole was big enough and the trench was deep enough.


After that, the liner was trimmed down and we started placing rocks.




There was a lot of fiddling with this as well. We had a good amount of rock, but I ended up actually digging up more just to fill in some more spots.


We got some foam to fill in places and little tiny rocks to add in.

Then I got mulch and a few plants just to tide us over this season.


It definitely looks a bit different now!


This is the best view from the patio, which we enjoyed over breakfast this morning.


It was a fun project to do.  We only ended up spending around $400 for the supplies, but that was because all of the big rocks were from our own property.

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