I don’t have too much luck with seeds, but I still can’t help myself and keep trying. I saw this seed packet in the spring and it looked really pretty and different!


I started some inside, which didn’t make it. Then I just put the rest of the seeds in the ground when it warmed up. Well, all of those sprouted and grew, so there’s that.

However, someone at Ferry-Morse must have been asleep at the switch when filling the seed packets because this is what came up:


Those don’t look like giant lavender gems to me.   They aren’t giant either. My finger for comparison:


There are also white and pink flowers as well.  I don’t know what happened here.  Easy to grow straight in the ground, but certainly not what I was expecting!

 photo siggie.png

4 thoughts on “Hmmmm….

  1. I had to giggle a little because you definitely got a surpise by this. The flowers are very pretty but definitely not what the photo said it would be.

    1. I know! I was all excited that they were growing and then when orange and white flowers opened up, it sure wasn’t not expected. At least something grew, though, and it’s not my fault LOL

  2. That is really funny, especially the picture with your finger for comparison! But yeah, I admire anyone who can get flowers from seeds 🙂

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