Hydrangeas and Passion Flower

Goodness, time has gotten away from me here.  I’m planning all the plant moving for this fall and I have been shopping some online sales for fall plants and bulbs!

In early April, I had completely chopped down the overgrown hydrangea in the back and was worried that I had killed it.


This was a couple of weeks before we lost the fence in a fierce wind storm.  I was all happy with the progress of it as of last week:


Big blooms, nice shape and all that.  Then heavy rains came and it is all drooped down.


I shook out the branches hoping relieving the water weight would let the branches come back up, but it only worked for a few inches.  It would look better if all of the branches drooped instead of the top ones still sticking straight up LOL!  I might try a tying trick or something next year.

I had posted this on my other blog, but the passion flower is blooming.  It’s so pretty!


The blooms only last about a day, so I’ve checked it every day to find all the new buds. This is only one vine. I can imagine having several intertwined would be gorgeous.

You can also tell summer is starting to wind down a little when the black-eyed Susans are blooming. I took this picture downtown in the park.


More fall?  What we thought were pumpkins turned out to be gourds!


This vine is a monster, too. It’s climbing everywhere and I keep moving it to keep it out of my other plants. There are at least 8 gourds on this vine so far and it keeps growing every day!

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