My new Heuchera!

I swear, I am such a sucker for plant sales. Especially since I have so much space to fill with the new gardens. I can’t afford to pay full price for a lot of my plants 😀

I got an email from Hostas Direct about their big sale. I knew I wanted some Heuchera to go by our new water feature and so this was the perfect time to get them — or at least I justify it to myself that way.

They will be going in this front section where the annual lobelia are right now.


When you purchase from Hostas Direct, you get little baby plants. Plugs almost. That way they are less expensive and most of the ones I have gotten have done quite well. I lost two. One just died over the winter and the other one kept getting dug up by something. I don’t know what it was about that particular one that the critter went for every single day until it gave up the ghost, even though I covered it with a pot to protect it.

The plants arrived yesterday. This year’s selection:


Believe it or not, there are 8 plants in this little bundle.

There are 3 Autumn Leaves:


And 3 Delta Dawn, which I find the most intriguing of all the colors. It’s sort of a mix.


These 6 will be by the water feature and grow about 10 inches high, not counting when they bloom. Certainly don’t want to block the view of our little waterfall!

There are 2 other Heuchera that I added on. One to put in with all the others in my shade garden. Southern Comfort.


This one will grow to 14 inches high.

Then one that can take more sun, which will give it better color. Caramel:


This one also will get to be 14 inches tall.

I am checking these every day to make sure they haven’t been popped out of the ground by a squirrel. Whenever the ground is freshly dug, they seem to have to “help” and mess with the newly planted material.

Hostas Direct is still having a sale right now, so if you want Hostas, Heucheras or Peonies, check them out. I don’t receive anything from them for saying this (although that would be nice LOL!), but I feel the company is good.

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  1. Hi Lori, I’ve gone to this site before when you’ve talked about them. But I’m always confused when I get there. So these little plugs that you got–is that what they call “starter TC” and cost about $7?

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