New seedlings

I’ve had some baby plants showing up!  It’s been a while since I really inspected the garden and it was fun to find these.

I’ve got some new Jacob’s Ladder:


Actually there are about 4 of these. I had no idea the plant would reseed that well. I thought it might be ash tree seedlings as you can see all the leaves dropping from the tree these are under, but those look different.

I’m not sure if I’m cultivating a weed here or not. I had gotten some silver dollar plant seeds from Debby and nothing grew where I sowed them, except this one.


It’s growing very slowly, so I was thinking it might not be a weed, but who knows.

I also noticed a new lupine growing:


I left the flowers on the stalks all summer and looks like I was rewarded! Yay! This is exciting to me. I hope there will be more.

Now that I’m back in the garden, it’s time to move some plants.

My moonflowers are doing great this year, too. Finally blooming:


I have great luck with starting moonflowers from seed, just sown right into the garden. They are poisonous, but they are against the house in the back of the bed.

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